The Little Things

I'm starting a new Monday series (hopefully, I'll be a little less close to midnight next Monday!) called The Little Things to highlight pretty pictures that I took during the week. I was very busy this past week so they're a bit study-focused, but hopefully fun anyways! xx

A handmade pizza quesadilla and tea in my favorite mug!
Totally in love with the new Argo Teashop on campus...
They have Laduree macarons!
The campus coffee shop is my new favorite place to study
Lunch date at Argo with Zoe and Carrie!
(catching up on my favorite youtubers is the best stress relief)
When the campus safety group gives out Magarita-flavored
snow cones, you know they're doing something right
Caprese sandwich and sweet potato fries at my favorite
campus restaurant!
Dinner date with the bestie to celebrate Friday!
Celebrating my birthday with the family a day early!

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