The Little Things

This past week has absolutely flown by! While most of my week was committed to working, my birthday was actually very exciting because of my wonderful friends (one of my friends even bought me macaroons!). It was my first birthday away from home, but it actually was much better than I expected it to be. I got to go home this weekend (hello iPhone 5S!) which was wonderful.

My friends made my birthday absolutely incredible!
A beautiful photobook of our England trip from Stefanie
and two perfect books from the best friend
My new camera! (Yay for better quality photos) 
My parents covered all my interests: Once Upon a Time,
the Tudors, and World War I!
Stephanie just understands me
(the mug has lyrics from my favorite songs on it!)
Cookies from the absolute best store in the world: Schmackarys
Enjoying a tea with a scone baked by my mum at the
coffee shop while doing homework 
Any week is a good week when one of your
favorite vloggers favorites your tweet (um
thank you Alfie Deyes!)
Falling in love with the new coffee house/craft
beer bar on campus 
So excited for October magazines! 
These mugs from Target are the actual best
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