Friday Internet Finds....College Themed!

In honor of coming back to school, I thought I would make a college-themed Friday Internet Finds! College is a strange time in your life because you're experiencing so many new things while trying to figure out what you want to do for a living. My advice? Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities your school offers, but don't forget to have fun.

1. Vlogger HelloKaty is a freshman at my university this year and she made a video about the move-in process. 

2. Textbooks are way too expensive these days, so this article on how to find textbooks for cheaper prices is definitely helpful. 

3. Staying organized is super important and this DIY monthly calendar would be so cute in a dorm room!

4. College Fashion did a great post called "20 Fashion Risks to Take This Semester" and I am loving it! Which fashion risks are you going to take?

5. And of course...what's a Friday Internet Finds without a Buzzfeed quiz? This one lets you know if this will be "Your Best School Year Ever"!
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