Romper Love

Rompers first came onto the fashion scene a few years ago. They were typically floral, strapless, and elastic-y at that point and while I owned one, I think I only wore it twice. To the pool. As a cover-up. 

Rompers (and their longer version, jumpsuits) are once again at the heart of the fashion scene. While I've seen an increasing number of them in the states, they're already incredibly popular in England. 

I own one already (which you saw in last week's post) and I want more. #givemealltherompers

While this comes in three colors, it's so elegant
in black!
Forever 21, $17.80 
I love rompers with thin straps and this
color is gorgeous!
Forever 21, $14.80

This romper would totally work for a formal
occasion with heels and a pretty necklace!
Topshop, $96

This romper looks like a dress at first! Plus,
I love stripes.
Topshop, $52
Next on my list? I totally want a jumpsuit.
H&M, $34.95
I totally understand that rompers aren't for everyone (they're difficult to pee in! they're weird to get used to!), but I think they're worth giving a try. What do y'all think? Do you love rompers? 
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