The Little Things

I only have two days of school this week and then I get to go home for Thanksgiving! This was my last full week of strange to think that I won't have another full week of school at Elon until next fall! What are your Thanksgiving plans? 

The perfect lunch: tea, a panini, a macaroon, and Youtube
videos on WWI poetry 

It's cold enough to wear my new maroon beanie
and I couldn't be happier 
A late night grocery store run always has good results, right? 
I can't wait for Vidcon this summer! 
My mom and sister came to see me Friday afternoon;
I'm so excited to see them again soon! 
Laser tag with my hallmates turned into a photo shoot
with my favorite freshmen 
My hall had Thanksgiving dinner last night and I ate so much
it kind of hurt #cantstopwontstopeating
Watched the AMAs with my hallmates;
I was so proud of Taylor! 

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