Madewell Wish List

Ever since I discovered it, Madewell has been one of my favorite stores. It's J. Crew's edgier, cooler sister store and I'm obsessed with it (three of my four pairs of jeans are from Madewell). This winter's collection is absolutely beautiful; I'm practically crying over their website. If I had unlimited funds (like Blair Waldorf seems to), here's what I would buy first.  

(1) Blanket Scarf ($65): I'm obsessed with all things plaid and desperately need more warm clothing for the winter.

(2) Crop Tee ($35): I wear my cropped black t-shirt from Nordstrom all the time...which means that I have to do wash way more frequently than I want to. I need another. 

(3) Meter Dress ($155): I'm keeping my eye on this dress, hoping that it will go on sale. I'm always in need of dresses that pair well with tights and I'm in love with this wonderful green color. 

(4) The Transport Tote ($168): I have to confess that I love big bags that you can throw a million things in. I want to be able to carry around my wallet, my phone charger, my laptop, and snacks and be able to throw my scarf, gloves, and hat into my bag if I get too warm. (Weather in North Carolina is so temperamental.) 

(5) Frontrunner Tee in Colorblock ($39.50): I barely own any long sleeve shirts and this one looks so comfy! 

(6) Softest Ribbed Circle Scarf ($59.50): I love anything in maroon because it's one of my school colors and one of my favorite colors. This scarf looks so soft-- I just want to squish my face on it. 

Madewell is having a Pinterest giveaway right now that could win you a trip to Paris!  Check out the details on their website

This post was not sponsored by Madewell or anyone in connection with Madewell. 

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