The Little Things

This week was definitely improvement over the past few! Monday, I went to Target to get Taylor Swift's new album which is absolute perfection. Plus, Thursday I finally turned in the first draft of my Bonnie and Clyde paper which was a huge relief. And then it was time for #Halloweekend and some of the most fun I've ever had going out! How was your week? 

I still get proud when I see a huge stand of
Taylor Swift CDs 
These polaroids are one of the best ideas I've ever seen

Monday night, I got inducted into Phi Eta Sigma!
A few of the sources for my Bonnie and Clyde paper...
My rewards for turning my paper in! 
"Gatsby? What Gatsby?"  
What are flapper costumes without Great Gatsby quotes?
With my Stefphanies (having best friends
named Stefanie and Stephanie is difficult!)
Posing in character 
Tris, Taylor Swift, a frat bro, and a housewife
My first peppermint hot chocolate of this season
One of my friends had us over to her apartment
for a delicious homemade lunch today!

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