Friday Internet Finds

This week's Friday Internet Finds is a bit Taylor Swift-themed (kind of like my entire life right now). I just can't get over how much I love 1989! What do you guys think of it?

1. This weekend brought some really great news...that I'm officially going to the University of St Andrews for the spring! So my first link for you is my new study abroad blog for the spring!

2. As someone who has been the single friend many times, this Buzzfeed article made me laugh a lot!

3. Even Forbes is talking about 1989's incredible sales in its first week: almost 1.3 million copies.  Taylor is the only artist to ever have three albums go platinum on their debut. I couldn't be happier for her!

4. Buzzfeed is asking the important questions..."Which One of Taylor Swift's BFFs Are You?" I'm very proud to report that I got Ed Sheeran. #sweeran

5. I'm a huge fan of Superfruit (the YouTube channel of two of the guys froPentatonix) and they recently did a cover of a 1989 medley. It's actual perfection.

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