Christmas List

It's that time of the year again...when everyone forgets that there's anything between Halloween and Christmas. Target has shelves of ornaments, Starbucks is serving up festive drinks in red cups, and I am making my annual Christmas list! 

I remember the days when my Christmas list was a list of books and doll outfits from American Girl. Things are a little more complicated now, particularly as I think about what I might need to pack for spending the spring in windy, rainy, cold Scotland. Good daughter that I am, I sent my mother my Christmas list this past weekend -- always best to try and get as much shopping done before December hits as possible. 

More Issues Than Vogue T-Shirt (Etsy, $14.63): Who could resist this shirt? It has the perfect attitude (that kind of reminds me of Taylor Swift's new video for "Blank Space") and is one of my favorite colors. 

Polka Dot Laptop Case (Isaac Mizrahi for Best Buy, $39.99): Everyone knows that I can't resist polka dots and I desperately need a new laptop sleeve. Mine is so blah! Practical presents: proof of how college forces you to grow up. 

Team Internet T-Shirt (Tyler Oakley Official Merchandise, $19.99): I'm a YouTube addict who aspires to work in the social media industry. How could I not love this shirt? Plus, more maroon. 

Les Miserables Phone Case (Red Bubble, $30): I'm so in love with my Disney Princesses phone case from Red Bubble and I hate not having a back-up case in case something happens. So what better than a case with the French flag and "Do You Hear the People Sing?" lyrics?

Hunter Packable Rain Boots (Nordstrom, $148, Green Matte Color): I've been needing new rain boots for a while as my old Target ones are starting to let in water, but I definitely can't head off to Scotland without a legitimate pair of wellies. Plus, I'm in love with the dark green color. 

Tabletop Tripod (Best Buy, $7.49): I've been wanting a tripod to vlog with and this tabletop one is too cute! It's a super affordable price and so light that I might even bring it to Scotland with me. My haul videos and vlogs will certainly look better with its help. 

What do you all want for the holidays? 
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