Friday Internet Finds

Happy Friday everyone! I'm quite excited for this weekend as I have a lot to accomplish and it's always nice to have two completely free days...but first, this evening I'm attending an a cappella competition! What're you looking forward to this weekend?

1. Who else is incredibly excited about the casting news for the upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast film? Emma Watson as Belle was enough to guarantee that I'll go see it (probably multiple times, plus buying the DVD as soon as it comes out) but Dan Stevens as the Beast and Luke Evans as Gaston? It's already my favorite movie and it doesn't even have a release date.

2. It's so good to find out that I'm not the only person annoyed with the new trend claiming that asking women "Who are you wearing?" is sexist. This article perfectly explains why it's not: while actresses should obviously be asked other questions as well, the red carpet is the place for a designer to shine.

3. I'm loving this Buzzfeed quiz called "How Classy Are You Actually?" Turns out, I'm "classy and I own it." #blairwaldorfstatus

4. Feeling like I'm not doing enough is a problem that I always have. So this article recommending "5 Things To Remind Yourself When in the Midst of a Quarter-Life Crisis" is very important for me. Can any of y'all relate?

5. Obviously, I love Carrie Hope Fletcher. But her latest video, giving advice on broken hearts, might just be my favorite one yet.

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