Friday Internet Finds

Goodness knows with this being break and all, I've had plenty of time to mess around on the the Internet. Here's some of what I've found!

1. I had no idea that there are apparently still plenty of unexploded WWII bombs in London. They found one and had to evacuate the area shortly after I was in London. That's so crazy! (Okay, my history major side is showing.)

2. I love Company Magazine's "Which YouTuber Would Be Your Best Friend IRL?" quiz. I got Louise Pentland (or Sprinkle of Glitter), which is very accurate. Who did you get?

3. And while we're taking quizzes, this Buzzfeed quiz in which you have to guess which ASOS item cost more is hilarious. I'll admit...I missed quite a few!

4. What do you guys think of College Fashion's recent blog redesign? I'm not a fan. Personally, I'm very fond of the full story layout instead of having to click on each individual article because it guarantees I don't miss anything. I'm sure it will grow on me though...if I can just learn to ignore all the ads!

5. In the other hand, I'm in love with Alyssa Campanella's new blog The A List. Her first fashion post showing one of her outfits from New York Fashion week is so so lovely.

6. I know that I've dealt with how to handle stress and anxiety all throughout high school and university. Carrie Hope Fletcher recently made a video for Rise Above where she shares some suggestions for how to relieve stress. I know I can always use advice of this sort, so I thought I should share it with you. xx

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