Friday Internet Finds

I am so excited for this family is here visiting me for spring break and we are heading to London soon! If you want to read about my travels, check out my St Andrews blog.

1. I am always looking for ways to make leggings look put together enough for wearing out, so this article full of suggestions is my new favorite.

2. Have I ever loved a Buzzfeed quiz as much as I love this "Which Type of Tea Should You Drink?" one? #probablynot

3. I've been a fan of Alyssa Campanella's blog, Jumpers and Jasmine, for a while now. I'm so excited for her launch of her newly branded blog, The A-List. Go ahead and bookmark it now ahead of time!

4. I could definitely use some tips for Photoshop and this tutorial on how to make collages looks super helpful! Definitely saving it for when I'm back to Elon and computers that have the Adobe suite on them.

5. I know that last week's Friday Internet Finds had a Carrie Hope Fletcher video in I told myself that this one wouldn't...but I lied to myself. Because Carrie uploaded her video of her trip to Disney World with Pete Bucknall and it's so cute, I cried watching it. I want to go to Disney, right now. 

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