The Art of Packing

I have a love-hate relationship with packing. By which I mean: I love the idea of packing, but I hate actually having to pack my suitcase. Does anyone else have that problem?

Right now, I'm packing for going to Edinburgh and London next week with my family. Speaking of which, I might as well apologize now for the lack of posts next week. But posts will resume the next week as normal once my vacation is over!

My mother can tell you that my packing anxiety has gotten much better over the years. I used to end up crying or yelling when packing for long trips. Granted, packing for airplane travel will always be stressful because of the weight limits.

Packing for London this time is very different than every other time I have. Before, it's always been packing for a two week (or more!) trip overseas and planning out each outfit meticulously. The last time I packed for London was this past summer, because Stefanie and I spent a week there on our way home from Brighton. Therefore, we were simply stuffing all of our clothes (dirty and clean) into our suitcases in the easiest way possible and then disassembling them once we were at our hotel.

This time, oddly enough, I'm packing to go to London from within the UK for a quick trip. While I'll be using my huge suitcase (it's all I have!), I won't have nearly as much stuff as usual. I'll be able to have a bit more flexibility instead of planning out my outfits so carefully and take as many pairs of shoes as I like! It's very strange, packing for just a week's holiday that's only a short plan ride away, instead of a big overseas trip...

Do you like packing? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below. And don't forget to follow me on Instagram to see photos from my "holiday" (that's a word the British use for vacations!) next week. xx

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